77 Flavor Series

Indulge yourself with this delicious 77 flavor. Fruity series, passionately brewed by enthusiast to create this magnificent concoction. Relished by more than 30 countries  around the world, and still counting. You couldn’t go wrong in choosing 77 flavor as your daily vaping companion.

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AFRICAN MANGO – Behold 77 flavor’s Best Selling flavor, the African Mango. Imagine the sweet sensation of freshly peeled mangos linger around your taste buds, this flavor definitely gives out a refreshing boost! Super Delicious!

CITRUS LEMONADE – Quench your thirst with our tropical zest of lemon, specially brewed to bring out the fiesta in you. One of our Best Selling flavors with exceptional taste. You will bedazzled with this wonderful juice!

APPLELICIOUS – This is an original taste of Apple specially picked from our finest flavor. Enjoy the distinct flavor of Apple that will sure tickle your taste buds. So good so refreshing!

ROYAL DEW – Enjoy the rich sweetness of our honeydew flavor. Leaving a wholesome taste of freshness, this flavor guarantees you the satisfaction of tropical notes. Recommended!

BRITISH BLACKCURRANT – Revive yourself with the enlightening taste of our flavor. Complementing any time and any mood of the day. Recommended go to for those fruity addicts! Experience the wonderful sensation!

SPANISH PINEAPPLE – Our tropical collection would not be complete without the invigorating taste of pineapple. Brewed to refresh those vaping pleasure, a definite must have in a vaper’s kit.

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